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Paintings and Handmade    Cards

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These bright, bold, acrylic paintings on canvas will brighten any room. Each painting is embellished with sequins, rhinestones,  recycled materials and is designed to reflect light. 

Jewish art, messianic art
I am my beloved's....Song of Solomon 6:3.
Beautiful wedding or anniversary gift.
10 X10" stretched canvas, sides are painted
Acrylic painting with flowers, cut paper,sequins.
No frame necessary.
shabbat ptg_edited.jpg
Shabbat ,  Remember the Shabbat and keep it 
holy....Exodus 20:8  10x10" stretched canvas with painted
sides; no need for frame. Bright, bold colors brighten any room....and .lots of sparkle***
Jewish art, messianic art

Days of Creation original mixed media painting. Acrylic paint, cut paper,  shells, sparkles, lots of texture. 12x18"


Messianic art, jewish art

God will Save Zion....Psalm 69:35

10x10" acrylic painting, sides painted, no frame necessary. 

Cut paper, sequins, glitter are added to reflect light.

85.00   SOLD


messianic art, jewish art

The Salvation of Adonai

10x10" stretched canvas, sides painted, no frame necessary.

3-D cut paper figures, acrylic paint, glitter accents.


Jewish art, messianic art

Shabbat of Shalom

10x10" stretched canvas; painted sides; no frame necessary. Acrylic paint, cloth flowers, sparkles


Jewish art, messianic art, christian art
SHALOM....Adonai will bless His people with shalom...
Psalm 29:11    10x10 inch stretched canvas, acrylic
painting with glitter, sequin, & more, embellishments.
No frame necessary.    65.00
Torah & girl ptg_edited.jpg
Hold onto the Torah and don't let go, "I reach out for your commandments which I love.."  Psalm 119:48    8x8" stretched canvas, acrylic paint, collage embellishments; lots of sparkle.
Painted sides; no frame necessary.      55.00
Torah & girl card_edited_edited.jpg
 Card on a Canvas.....This very special card is a collage on a flat 5x7" canvas.  Your own personal message can be printed on the back. 
Comes with envelope for mailing,  28.00
Chai & Star of David,  "I came so they may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:10 Bright, bold, sparkling 10x10 painting/collage on stretched canvas. This piece will brighten any room.    110.00

Peace to your Household

10x10" stretched canvas, painted sides, no frame necessary.

Acrylic paint, paper flowers, cut paper, sparkles

Meaningful gift for a new home.

75.00        SOLD

Handmade Cards

Each card is handmade from recycled greeting cards, hand cut, glued, and embellished.  Can be 

given as a gift....even with a small frame.

Bat mitzvah card
Handmade Bat Mitzvah card, 5x7", 5.50
Messianic cards
Handmade, Israel with Star card, 5x7", 5.00
messianic card
Houses and Stars, 5x7" 5.00
messianic card
  Bar Mitzvah, 5x7", 5.50
messianic card
Torah and Israel, 5x7", 5.50
messianic card
Thank You over Israel, 5x7", 5.50
messianic card
Jerusalem after Dark  5x7", 5,50
messianic card
Shalom over Israel, 5x7", 5.50
messianic card
Happy Birthday, 5x7", 5.50
messianic card
3 Torahs, 5x7" 5.50
messianic card
Bat Mitzvah, 5x7", 5.50
messianic card
Love card, 5x7" 5.50
B MITZ half.jpg
Bar or Bat mitzvah  or for any occasion 3-D and cut out.   5.50
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