Paintings and Handmade    Cards

These bright, bold, acrylic paintings on canvas will brighten any room. Each painting is embellished with sequins, rhinestones,  recycled materials and is designed to reflect light. 

I am my beloved's....Song of Solomon 6:3.
Beautiful wedding or anniversary gift.
10 X10" stretched canvas, sides are painted
Acrylic painting with flowers, cut paper,sequins.
No frame necessary.

In the Beginning G-d Created the Heavens and the Earth. Genesis 1:1

Acrylic painting on flat canvas board, 16x20"

Cut paper, flowers, plaster, and sparkles are combined to reflect G-d's glory.


God will Save Zion....Psalm 69:35

10x10" acrylic painting, sides painted, no frame necessary. 

Cut paper, sequins, glitter are added to reflect light.



The Salvation of Adonai

10x10" stretched canvas, sides painted, no frame necessary.

3-D cut paper figures, acrylic paint, glitter accents.


Shabbat of Shalom

10x10" stretched canvas; painted sides; no frame necessary.

Acrylic paint, cloth flowers, sparkles.


Peace to your Household

10x10" stretched canvas, painted sides, no frame necessary.

Acrylic paint, paper flowers, cut paper, sparkles

Meaningful gift for a new home.


Handmade Cards

Each card is handmade from recycled greeting cards, hand cut, glued, and embellished.  Can be 

given as a gift....even with a small frame.

Handmade Bat Mitzvah card, 5x7", 5.50
   Shalom with Dove, 5x7", 5,50
Handmade, Israel with Star card, 5x7", 5.00
Houses and Stars, 5x7" 5.00
Gold Menorah, 5x7" , 5.50
Thank You over Israel, 5x7", 5.50
Jerusalem after Dark  5x7", 5,50
Shalom over Israel, 5x7", 5.50
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