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       Cards 2  

How lovely on  the mountains are the feet of him who

brings good news,who announces peace, and brings good

news of happiness, who announces salvation/Yeshua.

Isaiah 52:7

All cards are 5x7", blank inside, and sparkle (not shown),*****
Messianic cards
Tree of Life with Flowers / 2.50
Messianic cards
Shalom/ Philippians / 2.50, pictured
Or Numbers 6:24-26, same design, 2.50
Messianic cards
Ancient Prayer for Shalom / 2,50
Messianic cards
Bread from Heaven / 2.50
messianic greeting cards
Messianic cards
Proverbs 31 / 2.50
messianic greeting card
Peace, Love and Mercy/2.50
hebrew flowers.jpg
The LORD, your Healer / 2.50
messianic card
Fruit of the Spirit / 2.50
Yeshua Star / 2,50
messianic thank you card
MINI Thank You card, 4x3"
4 cards only / 4.50
messianic card
Yeshua Tree of Life / 2.50
messianic greeting card
City on a Hill / 2.50
messianic thank you card
Todah Rabbah / 2.50
jewish card
messianic card
A Watered Garden / 2.50
Sweet Friendship / 2.50
messianic card
Rejoice! / 2.50
May the God of Peace....
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