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Light of Zion

Messianic Cards and Art
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    Closed for Shabbat.......
                      Messianic New Year cards, page 1    Click for page 2
New Designs, 2017
****Shipping fees are not always accurate. Any overcharges will be promptly refunded.
                        Sound the Alarm,   5x7", blank inside, white envelope
                         10 New Year card assortment, 25.00
                        Shofar and Stars,   5x7", blank inside, white envelope
                      10 New Year card assortment, 25.00
                                        Numbers 29:1,    5x7", blank inside, white envelope 
                                 10 New Year card assortment, 25.00
                                  New Year Joy!, 5x7", blank inside, white envelope
                                  10 New Year card assortment, 25.00
 New.....more than just a card, One of A Kind,
 original art, repurposed cards.  Below are new unused cards 
 that I transformed into original works of art. I chose not to
 print them so that the different textures and embellishments
 could be enjoyed, even framed. They are imperfect, all made by
 Each card is covered with sparkles,  designed to reflect light, Light of Zion.
                                       Original Art Card 1, 5x7", short new year blessing inside
                           Original Art Card  2, 5x7", short new year blessing inside
                            More than just a of a kind original art card
                       Tree of Life with Shofar
                       2 dimensional, 5x7", short new year message inside.
  More than just a of a kind art card
L'Shanah Tovah, original art card, 2 dimensional, 5x7",  bank inside
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