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                                  Prayer Requests...





Please e-mail me with any prayers requests. We will be glad to pray for your needs.
If you would like them posted so others may pray, just let me know and they
will be posted here:
                                    The prisoners in North Korea need our help. We all need to pray Yeshua will rescue
                                    them from the terrible tormenting, torturous, conditions they are living in.
                                       Susan needs prayer to be covered by the full armor of God for protection from all who
                                        would harm her.
                                       Ken needs restoration of health and finances. Please pray for him. 
                                    Please pray for T.D to be restored to health, have a good job, a home, and 
                                    a Godly friend or spouse.
                                    WG needs help regarding healing of a bone disease. Please pray God will heal him
                                    and give him favor from his doctors. Also to renew his faith.
                                       K. needs a special prayer for healing of his eyes and  from all the side effects from
                                       medications that he has taken over many years. And to no longer need the medications.
                                   Please pray for Andy to have discernment, work, wisdom, a Godly wife,
                                    freedom from sin, success in court.
                                   Help...URGENT prayer request: Mother needs healing of her child, she needs
                                   a rescue from homelessness which is quickly approaching. She needs a miracle!
                                  H. need healing of her mouth and tongue as she is in pain and unable to pray,
                                  or speak without pain. Adonai is the God Who heals; may we all pray for
                                  Him to rescue her speedily.
                                     Please pray D. will have her work and transportation restored and that Adonai
                                     will draw her and her family close by your Spirit.
                                     Please pray for A.R.D and her family who are in great need of the salvation only
                                     Messiah Yeshua can give. They all need to be freed from their bondage to sin
                                     and filled with the peace that only comes through the salvation of Yeshua.
                                  W.C need prayers for salvation and for Adonai to give him a love of the Torah.
                                     Please pray for M's son. She needs your strength and he needs total healing and
                                     shalom that only God can give.
                                  Please pray for N; for her marriage to be restored, for her friend to return to her,
                                  and for her to be reunited with the family that she most recently found.
                                     Miguel needs healing and to be blessed financially with much work.
                                     KJ needs prayer for her husband to return and their marriage to be restored. She nees
                                     a new home, fresh start, and blessings and protection upon her children
                                 Please pray for A.B to be healed of diabetes and the dangers it causes and to be free
                                 from depression and anxiety.
                                    Pray for L's mother to come to the knowledge of the truth and put her faith in Messiah Yeshua.
                                    Please pray for justice to be done for K's husband and may all the guilty be caught in their
                                    own trap,
                                    Pray for Charles to have the peace that only Messiah Yeshua can give. May he and his wife
                                    have success in all that they do, may his mother be healed, he be set free from addiction, have
                                    a blessed family vacation, be at the top of his company, and may He give you all the praise.
                                    Please pray that Robin and her mother will be able to purchase the home they have found in NY.
                                    Please pray for Eric M to have the shalom of God that only comes by His Ruach HaKodesh. Eric need to
                                    know the love of God and His will for his life.
                                    Please pray for H., a single father, to have a good job close to home so he is able to be near his children
                                    Pray for James and his family; for financial help and especially to have financing for his daughters'
                                    education. Please pray his income will increase and for their protection.
                                    Please pray for H., a single father, to have a good job close to home so he is able to be near his children
             Please pray Elizabeth will awake from a coma and Adonai will give complete restoration to her brain. 
                                    Please pray for the restoration of D. for work and that Adoani will help him to find transportation.
                                    D. is in need of healing and she need God to restore her family and their finances,
                                   please pray for her.
                                  Please pray for J and her son K. Him to return to Adonai and for spiritual healing in her life.
                                  Also for Steve who needs physical healing.
                                   Please pray for a Proverbs 31 woman as a wife for Phil.
                                  Kim's husband is in need of a righteous judgment. Please pray for God to set him
                                  free from false accusations.
                                  H.T needs prayer for healing of pain, memory loss, and to continue to work; and
                                 have the health to fulfill his dream to become a messianic rabbi. 
                                 Please pray for C. and her daughter, J. They need a financial miracle and J. need to have
                                 the funds to be admitted to her secondary school.
                                Tayler need to be healed of much mental anguish and grief. Please pray the God of all
                                comfort will comfort her and she will know of His love.
                                Don needs prayer for his friend and her daughter. They both need healing, salvation and financial help.  Don is
                              in need of a congregation of like minded believers in Messiah Yeshua. 
                                 R. is in great need of healing of a skin disease and digestive issues. He also needs
                               prayer to find the woman God has chosen for him. Please pray for him and for shalom.
                               Please pray form A.C 's marriage to be restored and may it be a permanent restoration
                               with his wife returning to him with the love she first had.
                              Connie is in great need of healing. Please pray God will heal her of the pain and
                              suffering she  has been through and of the depression. May she know the love of
                              Messiah Yeshua.
                              Paulo needs prayer to conquer his addictions and to lead a life devoted to Yeshua.
                              Paul needs prayer to put his trust in Yeshua for his life and the salvation of his family.
                              Please pray for Tom's complete healing and for positive test results.
                             Debra is in immediate need of a car. Please pray for financial help and for the peace and safety
                             her family and Esther.
                              Please pray for the return and salvation of Jedidiah 
                             J.H needs prayer to stop his addictions and his desire for sin. 
                             V. needs healing and restoration of his finances
                             Please pray J. will be able to have much self control and he will be free from all addictions.
                            V. needs healing from autism and please pray for his mother's strength, patience and
                           Steve need prayer for anxiety disorder and to know the shalom that is in Messiah Yeshua


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