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                             Prayer Requests...





Please e-mail me with any prayers requests. We will be glad to pray for your needs.
If you would like them posted so others may pray, just let me know and they
will be posted here: 
                                   Please pray for Tom's complete healing and for positive test results.
                             Debra is in immediate need of a car. Please pray for financial help and for the peace and safety
                             her family and Esther.
                              Please pray for the return and salvation of Jedidiah 
                                   J.H needs prayer to stop his addictions and his desire for sin. 
                             V. needs healing and restoration of his finances
                                  Please pray J. will be able to have much self control and he will be free from all addictions.
                            V. needs healing from autism and please pray for his mother's strength, patience and
                           Steve need prayer for anxiety disorder and to know the shalom that is in Messiah Yeshua
                                Please pray for a miracle for Avram. Please pray for his complete healing and for him to have
                            no fear and know that Adonai will rescue him.  
                        Lisa need healing of an infection and to safely deliver a healthy baby.
                        Please pray for S. to come home and that Yeshua will protect her.
                              M. needs prayer for the healing of her vertigo and deafness. Also pray for her relationship
                          and her financial support and success.
                       Pray for R's family to be reconciled and that there would be a restoration of his entire
                              Pray for A. to be healed and to walk without assistance, to be free from panic attacks and loneliness.
                              That his relationship with the love of his life will be restored.
     Please pray for my protection from evil that someone told me that they were doing against me that causes
                             me to be hindered in prospering.     
                 Pray that my self esteem will be lifted. Please pray that me and my soul mate will know each other and that he will
 be attracted to me and love and respect me forever. Please pray that I can buy I home to raise my kids.
         Bless my kids health and let them be very successful in school. Pray that me and my daughter lose weight. .
                                 Please pray M. will have healing of partial deafness and premature aging. 
                                 Please pray for complete healing for David of respiratory failure.
                                " Abba Father, please bless Eric. .Please help him... Have mercy upon his soul. May the light of Messiah fill him
                                with love, peace, joy, and salvation. I pray for God's best for Eric in the name of Yeshua Messiah.
                                Pray that where ever he is that God will be with him and help him.
                                Pray God's love will bring healing and blessings...for God's best for Eric."
                                Please pray A and K's marriage will be restored, that they will be able to reconcile their
                                differences, and she will return home and be free of the demonic influences.
                               Pray that Adonai will give Susan peace and heal all the circumstances in her life.
                               S.D needs prayer to help her with her finances and for G-d to move her employer to release her from
                               work on Shabbat. She would also like to help others in need.
                          Please pray Abba will provide for Eric a good job that is also good paying, soon.  A nice, quiet                           inexpensive roof to have over his head.  Good friends.  A congregation. and a bride.
                               Pray that C. will be blessed with reemployment very, very soon. She is in great need and is depending
                               on Adonai for deliverance.
                               Please pray for L.S to be the woman of Proverbs 31 and that she will be a woman of honor and
                               integrity unto Him.
                        K. needs prayer to be restored to her job, vindicated, and be set free from depression.
                        Please pray God will answer her prayers and speedily.
                        Please pray for Louis to be healed, be financially secure, and be able to resist sin. May
                        God rescue him from all his trouble and may Messiah Yeshua get all the glory.
                        E.V would like  all to pray for him to recognize the gifts God has given him and may he
                              use them to glorify Messiah Yeshua.
                              Please pray for complete healing for Steve and that he will know that Yeshua is the Messiah
                             of Israel. Also please pray for his friend Cheri to stay strong and have the right words to speak. 
                             Wayne.J. needs help! They are in danger of losing their home and even becoming homeless. 
                             They are seeking Adonai's will for their lives and want to follow in His ways
                             Please pray He will rescue this family and reveal His will. 
                             Please pray Jim W. will be able to complete his dissertion quickly and without stress. That
                             the completion will come easily to him and he will have total success and shalom.
                             Esther is in need of a job soon with good benefits, as she is all alone in a big city. Please pray
                            Adonai will provide all her needs, physical and spiritual. And that He will give her safety and protection.
                            Please pray for anonymous for a Godly husband and child......quickly. For her to have a safe zone
                            from her oppressors, and for the provisions to go to protect her coulsin.  She also
                            needs a 'work from home' job and her book to sell. Also pray she will be free from bullying  and
                            for healing of her jaw and skin.
                          Susan is in need after a heart attack, and needs to know that Yeshua is her healer and her savior.
                          Please pray God will save a woman's pregancy and child. It is 12wks and the woman is having
                          bleeding. Please pray God will intervene.
                          Please pray for J.H  She needs to know Adonai's will for her life. Whether to apply to schools
                         in Israel, to become closer to Him, and to find the husband He has chosen for her.
                         Katrina needs prayer for healing and strengthening the relationship between her and Dejan M.
                         Please pray Adonai will separate him from people who are a bad influence.
                         Please pray for a man's work not to be cut off due to a company downsizing and initiating
                         thousands of lay-offs. May Adonai Yeshua protect this man's job and may he give all thanks-
                         giving to You.
                        Please pray for MeMe and her family. She needs a Godly husband and father for her daughters. She
                        needs a financial miracle and relief from her sadness. Pray that God will come to her aid and she and
                        her family will see His salvation.




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